New Creative Sustainability-competencies in Design Educations

In order to change the educational system, success in acquiring sustainability competencies extends beyond memorization and requires educational institutions also to provide new informal learning settings. But, trans-disciplinary learning settings, real-life sustainability, circular or social challenges or collaborations with “real-people / cases / challenges”, supporting the development of the required competencies are still rare in some universities and design-schools. Studies show how the conditions in which developing key competencies for social and sustainable development (CSD’s) in Higher Education (HE) could develop and what key competencies are required in order to enable students to handle complex social and sustainable challenges. And HE’s are challenged when implementing new settings and methodologies for educations to develop CSD’s. A new competence-oriented didactic has a higher focus on student-outputs and informal learning in opposition to a traditional knowledge based formal learning approach focusing on the teacher’s inputs. So, by implementing a higher focus on the development of CSD’s an outcome could be a more agile educational system based on delivery of informal learning and agile adpation rather than a predefined knowledge framework for teachers and curriculum. (5)Frisk & Larsson (2011); Educating for Sustainability: Competencies & Practices for Transformative Action, Journal of Sustainability Education. This study wishes to compare the latest research on CSD‘s in HE’s and compare these to the findings and methodology of the Decoding European Creative Skills project (DECS). This will be done in order to try to identify a variety of models and contexts in which the CSD- competencies could emerge. How does the present research on CSD’s and the DECS project correspond with the future needs of competencies of the designer?
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Begivenhed22nd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: The Value of Design & Engineering Education in a Knowledge Age - VIA Design, Birk Center park 5, Herning, Danmark
Varighed: 10 sep. 202011 sep. 2020


Konference22nd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education
Forkortet titelEPDE 2020
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