Creative Decoding and Enterprising Behaviour Didactics in Design Education

As recent reports and researchers suggest, the development of future ‘creativity’ and ‘creative skills’ of the future designers could be determinant for the designer’s capacity of dealing with the complex future challenges and the designers employability. (Future Skills Report, 2018 (FSR)Manzini, 2016, Wilson and Zamberlan, 2017)

At the same time, researchers impose the role of the designers and design schools to be potential “Agents of Change” (Manzini, 2016) and a revaluation of creativity as a key factor in employability is also emerging within design-education and cognitive psychology research. (Cortinas, Esparza and Martinez-Villagrasa, (2018), Williams and Askland, 2012, Stana, 2017)

In a study, summarizing research and practices over three years in the “Decoding European Creative Skills” (DECS) program, Cortinas, Esparza and Martinez-Villagrasa, (2018) collected data by interviewing and performing action-research workshops with a product design SME professional and students from ELISAVA, Salzburg Hochschule and Delft University in a creative challenge set-up. They also used the newly developed EU-funded research project which is on-line the “Creative Decoding Tool” (CDT) (“The Creative Competencies Dictionary, Between Design Practice and Education in the 21’ st Century” (2018).

This paper wishes to analyze if a learning process, based on Service Design (SD) methodology, with a divergent and convergent approach of the Experimental Experience Learning and entrepreneurial didactics (Kirketerp, 2011, Kolb, 1984, 2005) can adapt some of the recommendations and recent DECS project, by increasing the focus of self-assessment, efficacy and reflection earlier in a learning design-process and how this knowledge can be used by students, the collaborating partners and the professors involved in the future complex design-projects.

Design Education, Design for Change, Design Didactics, Decoding European Creative Skills, Design for Social Innovation,
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Begivenhed22nd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: The Value of Design & Engineering Education in a Knowledge Age - VIA Design, Birk Center park 5, Herning, Danmark
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Konference22nd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education
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