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Research projects are organized by 'VIAs digital print', a program aimed at promoting and improving digital technology to the advantage of students, teachers and other employees . The students at VIA should be developed and educated such that they become the future, digitalized workforce. At the same time, VIA should improve and utilize digital tools. To reach this goal, the organization as a whole must be developed so change can occur in the way and extent, digital thinking occurs. The interdisciplinary research group will investigate within the digital competence profiles for teachers and students, that support and compliment each other. There will also be additional focus on the interaction between competence profiles and technological literacy, insight and development, that will help prepare students for the reality of digital practice.

The research questions of this project : The main research question: How is a profession-oriented technological literacy qualified and established? Subsequent research questions include: How do we define profession-oriented technological literacy as a term? How do we attain competences within the profession-education field, that allows us to see and utilize technology? How do we develop and change the technological literacy of vocational/profession-oriented education?

The project is expected to improve VIAs understanding of technological literacy in a profession/vocation-oriented practice as well as to contribute to the development of competence profiles for both students and teachers. This will create the opportunity to educate students with an increasingly strong digital profile.
Effective start/end date03/08/2031/07/22


  • digitalization