Development project “XR Motion Capture”, is a collaboration
with Marionette Aps (DK) on testing and further development
of the XR Motion Capture editing software.
There's no stopping motion capture technology from evolving. Testing Marionette as part of the animator's tool box with the purpose of making it available to TAW students desk, instead of having it as
an outside threat. For many years, animators have recorded themselves
on video as references for their animations. Being able to do the
same thing with Marionette motion capture just through webcams will
speed it up there, take creatively control at the same time as it will help
them to make higher quality productions.

XR Motion Capture is a two year project (2021-2022) and will be implemented for testing through:
- R&D projects at FOU TAW where relevant
- collaborations and productions with FOU TAW partners where relevant
- TAW student projects and productions where possible
- TAWs network of European and international partners and
partner schools where relevant.


Beta testing software Marionette XR Motion Capture


Knowledge report based on testing software on animation pipeline
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/2131/12/22


  • animation


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