Virtual Production Studio Networks



Application to Erasmus KA2

The project team’s goal is to prepare educational organizations in creative industries with knowledge in Virtual Production Studios by providing well structured and in depth market and industry analysis, practical testing workshops with educators, and create a teaching/training and high quality skills sharing platform, all developed in collaboration with highly respected
and knowledgeable project partners, their networks, and associated partners. The fact that Breda University will be the first educational institution with a Virtual Production Studio on its campus provides the partner group with the access for knowledge capture which would otherwise would be hardly possible, and allows for a wide range of creative industry educators to have hands-on experience in working with the studio. This experience will reverberate through the institutions they work in and teach for, and serve the goal of training and preparing students in the creative industries for the future while building networks of relevantly skilled artists and technicians across the word.
Kort titelVPSN
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/2131/12/22


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