Knowledge sharing, innovation, and networking are key in the INDUSTRY-track. VAF has invited special guests and experts in various fields to discuss the massive potential animation has for different business and audiences.

VAF industry has had the following sections:
Conferences, seminars, networking: Animated Health conference, VAF Official Opening, Animated Learning Conference, Filmmakers workshops, Anidox VR seminar, Meat up!, Sci - Vi Conference 2021, EXPA Symposium, VAF Award Show.
VAF TALK: Calamity, Lille Frø, Game Expo Talk Christine Vejlø, What's Cooking in DK, Game Expo Talk: Jakob Stegelmann, VAF Talk: The Winners of VAF Awards 2021
Masterclasses: Mastering Tangents, Adventures in Drawing

In partnership and collaboration with:
Statens Kunstfond
Viborg Kommune
Den Vestdanske Filmpulje
The Danish Film Institute
Viborg City of Media and Arts
Producent Rettigheder Danmark
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