VAF Cultue represents a concerted effort to create high-level cultural engagement through a number of interfaces and frameworks, including a wide range of public talks with artists, technicians, and cooperation partners involved in work with TAW and exhibited during the festival.

VAF Culture 2021 had included a broad variety of exhibitions from
Conceptual art - expanded Animation:
- A&E Experimental Adolf and EVA
- Expa Symposium
- We Are Real Optical Concert
- Inside out – Viborg Cathedral
Documentary pieces - ANIDOX:VR
- Anidox Short film Compilation
- Hangman at Home – Danish Premmiere
- Anidox VR Seminar
- Anidox VR Awards Exhibition
Popular games for computers and consoles -Viborg Game EXPO
- Artist alley
- Viborg game Expo
- Meatup!
- Expo Game talk – Christine Vejlo
- Game Expo talk – Jakob Stegelmann

In partnership and collaboration with:
Statens KunstfondViborg KommuneDen Vestdanske FilmpuljeThe Danish Film InstituteViborg City of Media and ArtsProducent Rettigheder Danmark

Effektiv start/slut dato27/09/2103/10/21


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