The focal point of Creative and Storytelling is to understand how digital visual narratives can reinvent the way we tell stories and creative interactive experiences through new technologies (augmented reality) for many different people.

Under the program item Immersive Storytelling, guests were introduced how the use the latest technologies such as 3D games, VR and AR can create a convincing sense of presence and encourage the audience to actively participate in a story instead of being passive observers. Immersive storytelling finds its way into new arenas and has a massive artistic and commercial potential. This potential was unfolded with speakers such as Michelle and Uri Kranot (winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Immersive VR work at the Venice Biennale 2020), Lars Villumsen, former Bestseller and Heidi Svane Pedersen, Lifestyle and Design Cluster. More speakers are added on an ongoing basis.

The project was developed in collaboration with:
Lifestyle and design cluster
Vision Denmark
Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse
Den Europæiske Fond for Regional Udvikling


Speakers and participants:

Seminar (30 minutes):
- Michelle Kranot, TinDrum
- Uri Kranot, TinDrum
- Allegra Shorto (Khora Contemporary)

Number of participants: 508

Keynote (30 minutes):
- Lars Villumsen, digital transformation consultant (formerly employed at Bestseller)
- Heidi Svane Pedersen, Lifestyle and Design Cluster

Number of participants: 1101
Effektiv start/slut dato15/12/2015/12/20


  • Æstetik, design og medier