Stepping forward together : consortia framework to increase global mobility

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New modules (curricula): learning outcomes with a description of knowledge, skills and competences are applied in the modules. The framework will address that need through the design of new curricula with specific focus on transversal skills. The modules will involve a combination of new content, new learning methods and new assessment forms. Flexible modular system: the curriculum developed will be implemented as international semesters at the participating institutions. Each international semester programme consists of a certain number of modules offered at the same time at the participating institutions, which creates flexibility for the students. Basically, the students can choose either to study a full semester at their home institution, or a full semester abroad as an exchange student or they can combine studies at their home institution and abroad. The timing of the modules being the same at the participating institutions, students can therefore choose to,e.g. study the first module at their home institution, the second module at partner institution number one and the third module at partner institution number two. The project will contribute to innovation in relation to the way the participating institutions implement student mobility due to the modular system, which creates great flexibility for students.
Periode26 mar. 201928 mar. 2019
Sted for afholdelseAsia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) 2019, Malaysia
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