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Titel: ’This land is not for sale’: material manifestations of contested land rights in Gulu, Northern Uganda
If you move in and around Gulu town, you will be able to spot signs which state that a plot, a piece of land or a house is not for sale or rent. At first glance, it may seem like an odd phenomenon to advertise property that is not for sale, as we are used to the reverse being the norm; things that are for sale are advertised while we assume that what is not advertised as being for sale, is not for sale.
In what context is it necessary to state explicitly and publicly that something is not for sale? Why are the signs meaningful? Building on one year of ethnographic fieldwork on land conflicts in the area, this presentation seeks to answer these questions by exploring the stories and rationales behind the ‘not for sale’ signs. It is suggested that the signs are noteworthy material manifestations of how land rights are contested. It will be argued that the signs reflect people’s responses to tenure insecurity, springing from weaknesses in the intimate relationships and distanced institutions governing land in the area. The signs are thus both manifestations of weaknesses in the institutions governing land as well as reflections of individuals’ ability to act upon the tenure insecurity experienced and counter the risks of losing one’s land.
Periode5 aug. 2016
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