Integration of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in the Danish R&D ecosystem: Boundaries to overcome

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Danish University Colleges educate for jobs in both the public and private sectors for various professional bachelor degree programmes within the health care professions, including biomedical laboratory scientists. Since 2013, Danish University Colleges by law have obligations to conduct research and development (R&D) and are supported by public funding, which in 2019 constituted 286 mDKK (~38.5mEuro). The overall aim is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the students, graduates and lecturers to promote innovative thinking relevant for their professions.
For biomedical laboratory scientists, R&D is still in its infancy and they face various boundaries and barriers with establishing research platforms and strategies, securing external funding as well as being involved in national and international R&D partnerships. In addition, it is important on one hand to cover and represent all the subspecialties of the profession in R&D activities and on the other hand secure a sufficient focus to an expertise area in order to establish a viable R&D milieu.
In this presentation, we will show how University College Absalon and University College Copenhagen have tackled the above challenges by applying different strategies and give examples of research focus areas and programmes.
Periode24 aug. 202128 aug. 2021
BegivenhedstitelThe 34th World Congress of the International Federation of Biomedical Labboratory Science
PlaceringKøbenhavn, Danmark
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