Alternative Format Session: Exploring Classroom Texts – Using Functional Linguistics in Literacy Research and Teaching in the US, Australia and Denmark

  • Buch, B. (Oplægsholder)
  • Patricia Paugh (Oplægsholder)
  • Jon Callow (Oplægsholder)
  • Katina Zammit (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg


This alternative session will first present a short overview of a functional approach to thinking about texts, followed by roundtables of scholars who have then applied this theory to their own specific teaching and researching contexts.
Roundtable #1: Writing literary texts to engage the reader (Australia)
Roundtable #2: Writing to reason in elementary engineering (USA)
Roundtable #3: Using the UAM Corpus Tool for analysis of texts from Vocational Education (Denmark)
Periode4 dec. 2019
BegivenhedstitelLiteracy Research Association 69th Annual Conference: Literacy Research: Illuminating the Future
PlaceringTampa, FL, USA, Florida
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • sprogtilegnelse
  • SFL
  • folkeskolen
  • ungdomsuddannelser
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